Actualité Open Source et logiciels libres

Cortex Labs helps data scientists deploy machine learning models in the cloud
It’s one thing to develop a working machine learning model, it’s another to put it to work in an application. Cortex Labs is an early-stage startup with some open-source tooling designed to help data scientists take that last step. The company’s founders were students at Berkeley when they observed that one of the problems around […] | 1/23/20 7:32 AM
Dfinity launches an open source platform aimed at the social networking giants
When Dfinity raised $102 million in funding in 2018 at a $2 billion valuation in a round jointly led by Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital, it was thought of as a step change in the world of blockchain technology. In an area that was  synonymous generating a lot of headlines around cryptocurrency speculation, this was […] | 1/22/20 11:33 PM
Linux Sénégal Meetup chez ISI Keur Massar
LinuxSenegal est une communauté regroupant des passionnés des nouvelles technologies, en particulier, de tout ce qui est Open Source. Cette communauté organise des événements durant lesquels nous faisons des Présentations, des Ateliers, des Install Party, des conférences... Nous vous informons que nous organiserons un Meetup le Samedi 28 Décembre 2019. Nous vous prions de remplir ce formulaire ci-dessous si toutefois vous avez une présentation ou un atelier à faire. (...) - Manifestations / 35. Manifestation | 12/21/19 7:54 AM
Hugging Face raises $15 million to build the definitive natural language processing library
Hugging Face has raised a $15 million funding round led by Lux Capital. The company first built a mobile app that let you chat with an artificial BFF, a sort of chatbot for bored teenagers. More recently, the startup released an open-source library for natural language processing applications. And that library has been massively successful. […] | 12/17/19 5:26 AM
Robocorp announces $5.6M seed to bring open-source option to RPA
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been a hot commodity in recent years as it helps automate tedious manual workflows inside large organizations. Robocorp, a San Francisco startup, wants to bring open source and RPA together. Today it announced a $5.6 million seed investment. Benchmark led the round, with participation from Slow Ventures, firstminute Capital, Bret […] | 11/4/19 4:50 AM
Hackers can steal the contents of Horde webmail inboxes with one click
A security researcher has found several vulnerabilities in the popular open-source Horde web email software that allow hackers to near-invisibly steal the contents of a victim’s inbox. Horde is one of the most popular free and open-source web email systems available. It’s built and maintained by a core team of developers, with contributions from the […] | 10/31/19 5:50 AM
Suse’s OpenStack Cloud dissipates
Suse, the newly independent open-source company behind the eponymous Linux distribution and an increasingly large set of managed enterprise services, today announced a bit of a new strategy as it looks to stay on top of the changing trends in the enterprise developer space. Over the course of the last few years, Suse put a […] | 10/8/19 8:01 PM
Programmer who took down open-source pieces over Chef ICE contract responds
On Friday afternoon Chef CEO Barry Crist and CTO Corey Scobie sat down with TechCrunch to defend their contract with ICE after a firestorm on social media called for them to cut ties with the controversial agency. On Sunday, programmer Seth Vargo, the man who removed his open-source components, which contributed to a partial shutdown […] | 9/23/19 2:49 AM
Chef CEO says he’ll continue to work with ICE in spite of protests
Yesterday, software development tool maker Chef found itself in the middle of a firestorm after a Tweet called them out for doing business with DHS/ICE. Eventually it led to an influential open source developer removing a couple of key pieces of software from the project, bringing down some parts of Chef’s commercial business. Chef intends […] | 9/20/19 11:27 AM
Actualité : Huawei répond aux sanctions américaines à coup de milliards
En guise de riposte aux sanctions nord-américaines, Huawei agite des sommes d’argent indécentes sous le nez des développeurs et développeuses pour les convaincre de sortir leurs applications sur son écosystème open source. Un pari osé. | 9/18/19 7:17 PM
Les PowerToys font leur retour pour Windows 10
Comme annoncé au printemps, les PowerToys effectuent leur retour. Pour Windows 10 et dans le cadre d'un projet open source. | 9/13/19 7:10 PM
Google launches an open-source version of its differential privacy library
Google today released an open-source version of the differential privacy library it uses to power some of its own core products. Developers will be able to take this library and build their own tools that can work with aggregate data without revealing personally identifiable information either inside or outside their companies. “Whether you’re a city […] | 9/4/19 11:00 PM
IBM is moving OpenPower Foundation to The Linux Foundation
IBM makes the Power Series chips, and as part of that has open-sourced some of the underlying technologies to encourage wider use of these chips. The open-source pieces have been part of the OpenPower Foundation. Today, the company announced it was moving the foundation under The Linux Foundation, and while it was at it, announced […] | 8/20/19 6:12 AM
Portabilité des données : Apple rejoint Facebook, Google, Microsoft et Twitter
Le Data Transfer Project veut faciliter la portabilité des données entre les services. Apple rejoint Facebook, Google, Microsoft et Twitter dans cette initiative open source. | 8/15/19 3:10 AM
Ubisoft annonce son soutien à l'outil de modélisation 3D Blender
La semaine dernière, Tim Sweeney annonçait qu'Epic Games avait fait un don de 1,2 million de dollars à Blender Foundation, dont les équipes développement un logiciel de modélisation 3D open source. Aujourd'hui, c'est Ubisoft qui rentre dans la danse en... | 7/22/19 6:36 AM
LTE flaws let hackers ‘easily’ spoof presidential alerts
Security vulnerabilities in LTE can allow hackers to “easily” spoof presidential alerts sent to mobile phones in the event of a national emergency. Using off-the-shelf equipment and open-source software, a working exploit made it possible to send a simulated alert to every phone in a 50,000-seat football stadium with little effort, with the potential of […] | 6/21/19 5:46 AM
Self-driving car startup Argo AI is giving researchers free access to its HD maps
Argo AI is releasing curated data along with high-definition maps to researchers for free, the latest company in the autonomous vehicle industry to open-source some of the information it has captured while developing and testing self-driving cars. The aim, the Ford Motor-backed company says, is to give academic researchers the ability to study the impact […] | 6/19/19 12:50 PM
Le CERN abandonne Microsoft et adopte le logiciel libre
Le CERN vient d'annoncer mettre un terme à l'utilisation des logiciels développés par la firme américaine Microsoft et opter pour des solutions open source. | 6/14/19 5:10 AM
How Kubernetes came to rule the world
Open source has become the de facto standard for building the software that underpins the complex infrastructure that runs everything from your favorite mobile apps to your company’s barely usable expense tool. Over the course of the last few years, a lot of new software is being deployed on top of Kubernetes, the tool for […] | 6/4/19 8:48 AM
GOG prépare une version 2.0 pour unifier les bibliothèques PC et consoles
GOG, la plateforme de jeux PC de CD Projekt, a annoncé aujourd'hui l'ouverture des inscriptions à la bêta de GOG Galaxy 2.0, qui entend unifier le gaming sur PC et consoles. A l'instar de Playnite, le logiciel open-source proposant déjà la même chose,... | 5/22/19 5:59 AM